Custom Kiln Drying

Vacuum kiln drying services.

We have the largest vacuum kiln in Nebraska. We can make your wet wood dry and ready to use.

Idry Vacuum Kiln

Our kiln gives you the quickest, highest quality drying available. We can dry up to 4000bf of 1" dimensional lumber and around 2000bf of slabs 60" wide and 16' long. Dry times are approximately one week per inch of thickness.


We dry slabs at custom schedules. We start with a low temperature to prevent stress causing cracking and case hardening.


Lumber is typically easier to dry since it's thinner. This allows us to do a quicker dry cycle taking around one week of time.


Crosscuts or "cookies" can be dried similar to slabs. We start with a low temperature to help prevent the wood from major cracks.


Cost for service

For dimensional lumber we charge $1 per bf for up to 5/4" thick, $2 per bf for up to 10/4" thick, $3 per bf for up to 12/4" thick. Live edge slabs we charge additional $.50 per board foot

Lead times

Our lead times are 3-6 weeks until it can be loaded into the kiln. Then it's 1-4 weeks of dry time depending on the thickness and species.

Does the wood need to be air dried first?

While air drying as long as possible first is most ideal, it's not necessary. We can dry freshly sawn lumber.

Does the wood need be bunked with spacers

If you're doing a large quantity of drying it would be best to have the wood already stacked with spacers. Stack consistent lengths together starting with the longest wood on the bottom. stacks need to be no wider than 60" wide, 16.5' long and 60" tall. 1" lumber should have spacers spaced every 1' and slabs spaced every 2'. We can bunk larger quantities of wood for you for additional charge.