Domestic Species

Domestic wood sourced locally

We've source prime logs from urban salvage trees to mill into our vast selection of amazing domestic wood species. We have long grain live edge slabs, round crosscuts, live edge lumber and dimensional lumber in a variety of species.

Long Grain Slabs

Common Rectangular Slabs

Crosscut Slabs

Round Cookie Slabs

Live Edge Lumber

Live Edge Charcuterire Lumber

Dimensional Lumber

Square Edged Lumber

Kiln Dried wood

We meticulously dry our wood by first air drying 6-24 months. We then carefully dry in our Idry vacuum kiln up to 4 weeks.

Grow Your business

We work with wood workers all across the country suppling them with the best products and services to help grow their business.

Nation Wide shipping

We ship all our products nation wide. We make sure your products are packaged up for safe delivery to your location.

Domestic at wood affordable price

We process large volumes of wood directly from our own mills. This allows us to sell at affordable prices.

Highest quality wood

We start with using quality logs and mill extra thick. Then each piece goes through months long process of drying.

Urban salvaged wood

We work with local arborist to source our logs. This puts better use to beautiful logs than chipping them up and prevents having to harvest logs from forest land.

Surfaced wood

Our selection of wood is highly figured, unique wood that is uncommon to find.

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Is this wood kiln dried?

Yes all of our slabs are dried to the highest standards to assure stable ready to use products.

Is this wood rought cut?

All the wood we sell is not rough cut. All of our wood have been pre-sanded or planned smooth. Is surfacing is need for perfect flatness we'll have it listed in the product description.

Is this responsibly harvested?

We only purchase wood from reputable mills that follow international forestry guidelines. All our suppliers are active in re-forestation practices and we don't participate in black market forestry.

Do we ship?

We can ship all our wood all across the nation. Please reach out to us for a shipping quote.

Featured collection

Claro Walnut Burl 54"x56" wbc27
Claro Walnut Burl 54"x56" wbc27
Ash 48"x15"x2" Ash 18
Ash 48"x15"x2" Ash 18
Sold out
Ash 103"x14"x2" Ash15
Ash 103"x14"x2" Ash15
Ash 103"x16"x2" Ash17
Ash 103"x16"x2" Ash17
Ash 144"x28"x2"  Ash27
Ash 144"x28"x2" Ash27