New Wood Surfacing Equipment

In just a few short years of doing wood slab retail sales our business has made substantial growth. From the beginning we planned to set ourselves apart others only selling surfaced ready to use wood slabs. Our humble beginnings consisted of lots of manual labor using only a router sled and wood planer. Our demand has since grown and something much more productive was necessary. It's been a long but well worth the wait to purchase the first Jointa-Wood brand surfacing machine. This machine is like no other surfacing machine on the market. This machine runs a 12" helical head planer and a 12" drum sander. The capacity is 74" wide, 19' long and 12" tall. The planer head and drum sander will leave a ready to work finish at a quicker speed than any other machine available. Each slab being finished with the drum sander leaves only minutes worth of work for you with a finish sander vs days worth of work from a rough cut slab. This service is also available for hire at $100 per hour with a one hour minimum charge.

bullywood slab

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