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So far, so good!

I can’t yet speak to the longevity or the durability of this product, but it sure goes on nice and looks fantastic. Dries quickly and maintains a nice sheen. One coat is like a soft satin sheen. A second coat brings the luster way up to almost a gloss. A little of this oil goes a very, very long way!

Mappa burl

Slab worked out great but the customer service was exceptional. I will definitely be buying again for future projects.

Thank you for the business. It's going to look awesome

Nice and smooth

Very easy to apply. I just put it on literally an hour ago. Excited to see what it looks like and how it holds up over time.

Thank you for your purchase. If you need anything else feel free to reach out to us

Great rustic look

Had some issues on the website so resulted in calling them direct. Everything worked out great and the mantle is now installed getting all kinds of compliments! Great marketing for yall!

That is great to hear. It can be daunting to buy something online like a mantel without seeing it in person. We try to accommodating as much as possible to alleviate that. We appreciate the business very much thank you.

Slab Surfacing
Jason Littrell
Two White-oaks Planed Down

I was in a pinch and needed two large white oak slabs palaces down next day. The boys got me in and out in less than an hour with only 12hr notice.

We're happy to have helped. We're always here to get the job done quick

Mappa Burl Slabs

These are the best quality Mappa Burl Slabs we’ve ever seen. They were flattened and power blasted which made save us a ton of time. Highly recommend!

Thank you very much for selling our beautiful slabs at your store!

Cedar Shake Siding
Jessica Tibbetts

Thank you so much!

You are welcome. I hope they work well for you project.

always an amazing job!

why break your back with a router sled if you can have someone do it for an affordable price at half the time?! I bring all my flattening to Rustic Lumber.

Thank you!

Oak mantel 10"x5"x70" mtl2
Bryan Livingston

We uses the oak to make table leggs it worked great

That's great. Nice chunky pieces would cut down nice for table legs.

Blue and buggy

Awesome product

Thank you. It is by far the nicest blue pine siding we've had in stock.

Rustic Lumber Furniture Oil

Thank you for the review.

Great logs and they worked perfectly

Thank you that is great to hear.

Rubio but a fraction of the price

I purchased Rustic Lumber's hardwax oil for my latest project (a coffee table) based on the Wood Whisperer's hardwax oil comparison video. I've used Rubio exclusively in the past but couldn't pass up trying Rustic Lumber's product because of how much less it costs compared to Rubio. I am NOT disappointed. I honestly see no reason to ever but Rubio again as I'd rather save the money and spend it on tacos or something instead. I can't detect any quality difference between Rustic Lumber and Rubio, but if there is one it's not worth taking money from my taco budget.

That's awesome to hear! We are glad we were able to help out on your taco fund.

Charcuterie Kit

The charcuterie boards that were delivered were absolutely wonderful. I am enhancing them by using my CNC router. But the grain and quality of the boards provides such a great foundation. They will be beautiful gifts!

Thank you for purchasing one of our board kits

Great product!

Easy to use and stunning results!

I’ve loved using this product! It creates an excellent hydrophobic layer and gives my tables an incredibly smooth feel. I highly recommend!

Thank you very much for being a great customer

price does not mean quality

Extremely expensive! Three end tables and is gone. The finish showed no appreciable difference with or without the coating. Do not know what it did for the finish or the wood (English brown on elm). Just cannot justify a repurchase at all.
Very disappointed. Literally bought it on the cost. Something that expensive must be good. Wrong!

Hello. That's unfortunate you didn't like the product. As you might not find the value in the cost of ceramic coats, I do feel the rating you have oun product isn't quite fair on the quality aspect. Our product is intended to make a finish more hydrophoic, it is not intended to make the finish more glossy or add an measurable coating on the surface. We have done numerous test through the months of our you to see great moisture repentance. Price wise, per ounce were one of the least expensive products on the market especially since we don't require two different products with two coats required. All ceramic coatings are expensive and some don't see the value in it, but that doesn't lower the credibility of our product. If you would have reached out to us to discuss opinions we would have been more than happy to have discussed what you were trying to improve on during your application of hydrocoat.

Great product. Wonderful people

I love working with the people here. Very kind and helpful.

We enjoy it when you stop by.

Maple 17"-26" 2" M110
Zach Ramaekers

Maple 17"-26" 2" M110

Thank you for you purchase

Cedar Shake Siding
Patsy Moldenhauer

Made on line order without any problems.

Thank you for you order

Walnut table

We got our table in time for our family Thanksgiving. Everyone was raving about how awesome it is. We love it. Good job guys. These guys are great to work with!

Thank you. We are happy the family is enjoying the new table!

Great customer service

After 50 years it was time to refinish our hardwood floors. Whoever was on the other end of their chat service could not have been more helpful. I'd spent weeks sanding down a room and really didn't want to mess it up. CS Rep advised on their products and other vendor's products to make sure I was ready. What impressed me most was how the rep didn't try to upsell, but helped me make the most of what I was buying. I think the floor came out great (photos below). I did put down 2 coats, but as they are super easy to apply it wasn't a big deal, even when the dog trotted across the floor mid-application (try that with poly.) The only word of caution would be to note how quickly the microfiber cloths I used (not a rustic lumber product) succumbed to the spontaneous combustion that is inherent with linseed oil. Put a used rag down for 10-15 minutes while the oil sank in, only to pick it up smoking (yikes!).

Thank you fir trusting our product. That was m, Zach wedekind, replying to the website messages.. I'm personally involved in much of the customer service. Again thank you


Very good people to work with

Thank you. Your table looks very nice

Good Comprable to Rubio Monocoat

Better value than Rubio overall. Having used both, Rubio is more or a one coat and doen product. This product seems to require a scond coat in most cases, but seems to provide a thicker barrier overall. The clear 2C oil brings out the richness in oak, maple, and walnut projects I've built for myself and clients. I don't think you can go wrong giving this a try!

Thanks for putting our product to the test. The second coat is airways a good idea. It really pops the wood color much more and ads a nice sheen

Restoration of an old chest using RL clear hard wax oil

Works great as advertised. Looks great definitely will use again for my next project…

Thank you for using our products!

Harder to use,

Compared to Natura Onecoat, Rustic is a bit harder to use. Requires more scrubbing. Final finish develops shiny spots about 12 hours later. They must be sanded out and redone.

That's unfortunate your experience wasn't good. You should have reached out and we could have gave you some guidance. The oil coming back out of the wood is normal as the wood is rejecting acces oil in wood pours. It's important to not over saturate during application or you'll have more effort to buff off the product and possible oil spots seep out of the wood a few hours later. If you check on the project after application you can simply buf off the access of you don't leave the spots to dry over night.