We have an exciting announcement to tell you. Through the years of support from all of our woodworkers we continuously expand our product line with more products that you need. We can confidently say we have the most robust product line available from any woodworking supply company that offers any affiliate program. We supply one of the largest inventories of domestic and exotic slabs and lumber, epoxy, wood finishes, logs and timbers and even log and timber framed kits! All of our products are of the highest quality at the best prices and value available.  As a way to continue our expansion of the company and to provide extra assistance to our woodworking community, we’re excited to reveal the Rustic Lumber Network.

We believe in giving back to our workers. The woodworking community is a small niche community that, in recent times, continues to expand worldwide by the day. Local and online workers are developing their craft and taking on newer projects. We at Rustic Lumber Store want to help give you a place to grow your craft and help you expand even further while also giving you some extra money to help fund those special projects. We are happy to introduce the Rustic Lumber Store Network, our Affiliate Program and Wholesale purchase options.


The Rustic Lumber Affiliate Program allows workers to receive a commission off each order placed with us through a referral link. By enabling clients (or audiences for influencers) to select their slabs or products, for each sale made through the referral link, the affiliate will receive a 3% or 5% commission on sales through their link or code.


Make Money For Your Loyalty 

Promote your projects and the products you used through your social media platforms. With your unique discount code and affiliate link, we make it easy to share to your audience. Each time one of your followers use your code you will receive a 3% cash commission or you can opt for a 5% commission paid in store credit used for any products you can buy through our website. It's simple as that to make money from your loyalty to our business and products we offer.

Discount For Your Followers

To make your code enticing to your followers to use, you offer them a 5% automatic discount for using your code or link. We of course cover that 5% discount for your followers so you have nothing to loose.


Receive Discounts On Your Own Purchases

You can use your own discount code to receive 5% discount on your own purchase for you projects! We want to reward you and give you an incentive for being an affiliate and it's only fair that you receive a discount for yourself as well. Most other companies affiliate programs DO NOT allow you to use your discount for you own use. On top of the automatic discount using your affiliate code, you still receive points for each purchase through our separate loyalty program. So it's a double whammy of savings!

Please read the rules of the program at the end of this page.


Click here to sign up for free and start earning a 5% commission today.


Wholesale Distributors Program

Do own your own store front and need a reliable supplier to stock products in your store? We offer different levels of wholesale purchasing available. If you are looking for larger quantities than listed, please contact us for a better offer than listed!

To apply for wholesale send us an email and what products and volume you're looking for. We will be contacting you within 2-5 business days about your application status. If you have any further questions about the program and more, please feel free to contact us via email. 

For more on becoming a distributor, reseller, please constant us at sales@rusticlumberstore.com


We aim to provide our workers with the tools and resources to help build and grow their businesses to new levels. We look forward to building a partnership between our woodworkers and cannot wait to see all the beautiful works of art that come. Thank you for reading. 

Rustic Lumber Store Team.


Proud Distributors & Loyalty Members

  • Em's Woodwork
  • Saw Dust and Stuff
  • Priority Woodwork
  • Villeneuve Woodworks
  • McBride Customs
  • Gulf Coast Grainz


Affiliate Program Rules:

Affiliates will be assigned their own unique discount code and affiliate link. Either method will automatically keep track of your commission and give the code user their discount. You will have a log-in to our affiliate users portal to view your sales at any time

Affiliates are allowed to use their discount code to save 5% on their own purchases. Any purchase they make with their own discount code, you will be required to share minimum of one post and story tagging our page and share about the product and project you're working on. Affiliates are encourage to share their code and incentives for their followers as much as possible to increase your commissions.

Affiliates are required to sponsor the products we sell only (wood slabs and lumber is excluded from this requirement as we possibly can't have woods slabs needed for every project you have). For example, you cannot be an affiliate and promote our furniture oil, but promote another brands epoxy or vice versa ect.

Affiliates are required to post to their social media platforms a minimum of once per month regardless if you make any purchases or sales.

Affiliates will not receive commissions on their own purchases. If affiliates are caught using different email address or shipping locations for their own purchases to cheat around the system to receive an commission on top of their discount. Affiliates are not allowed to have their own clients for their business or projects use their affiliate code to receive a commission on top of the discount. Violation of these rules can be subject to removal from the program. 

Violations of these rules can result in removal of our affiliate program without warning.


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