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We have an exciting announcement to tell you. Last year we started creating our brand of epoxy. This year we’re in the process of building our furniture store, crafting furniture oil, finish coating, and more. As a way to continue our expansion of the company and to provide extra assistance to our woodworking community, we’re excited to reveal the Rustic Lumber Network.

We believe in giving back to our workers. The woodworking community is a small niche community that, in recent times, continues to expand worldwide by the day. Local and online workers are developing their craft and taking on newer projects. We at Rustic Lumber Store want to help give you a place to grow your craft and help you expand even further while also giving you some extra money to help fund those special projects. We are happy to introduce the Rustic Lumber Store Network, our Affiliate Program.



The Rustic Lumber Affiliate Program allows workers to receive a commission off each order placed with us through a referral link. By enabling clients (or audiences for influencers) to select their slabs or products, for each sale made through the referral link, the worker (depending on which tier they are on) will receive a % commission.


Tier 1 - Getting Started 

Tier 1, also known as the ‘Getting Started Tier’, gives each worker a 3% discount to give to their clients that will, in return, give the woodworker a 3% commission on all sales made through their link. This discount is used for clients purchasing slabs or products on the website. 

Tier 2 - The Influencer

Tier 2 is designed for the Influencer. Influencers with more than 10,000 followers on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook will receive a 5%-8% discount for their audience. This will receive the influencer a 5%-8% commission on all products and slabs. 



Tier 3 - Bulk Buyer & Loyalty Workers

Tier 3 is designed for our Bulk Buyers & Loyalty Workers. Woodworkers who buy 600bf worth of lumber, 20 boxes of epoxy, or $500 of oil, or other products will be upgraded to Tier 3. This tier gives the worker a 5%-10% commission on all orders made through their link. Woodworkers in tier 3 also have access to our specialty orders. For more details, please contact us. 



For more on becoming a distributor, drop shipping, and reseller, please constant us at

In the description below, you will find links to fill out the application for the program. Fill out the form, and someone will be contacting you within 2-5 business days about your application status. If you have any further questions about the program, sponsorships, and more, please feel free to contact us via email. 

We aim to provide our workers with the tools and resources to help build and grow their businesses to new levels. We look forward to building a partnership between our woodworkers and cannot wait to see all the beautiful works of art that come. Thank you for reading. 

Rustic Lumber Store Team.


Proud Distributors & Loyalty Members

Em's Woodwork

Click here to sign up for free and start earning a 3% commission today.


Note: Workers cannot use their links for discounts and commission bonuses. We provide a bonus rewards program for buyers greater or equal to the baseline or tier 1. If a member is caught abusing the system, we will remove them from the Rustic Lumber Affiliate Program. If you are interested in buying bulk, please contact us via email or social media, as we may provide additional services and discounts.

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