Vacuum Kiln Services Will Be Offered

In June we will be offering iDry vacuum kiln services. We are ever expanding our services and equipment always striving to produce the best products and services possible. Vacuum kilns are among the best way to dry wood. They will create consistently dry, stable wood with minimal defects. We have a huge demand to dry our own wood and many others. This new vacuum kiln will greatly improve turn around time on our own products. No longer we will not have something a client needs. If you request a certain size wood or timbers we don't have in stock, we will now be able to produce quality product in a matter of weeks. This kiln will dry wood approximately 1 week per inch of thickness. Our kiln will also be available to contract to dry your own wood for $1 per board foot per inch of thickness. 4/4" $1 per bf, 8/4" $2 per bf, 12/4" $3 per bf. We are starting to fill our schedule now.


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